Our Story

Our Story Starts Here …

When Susanna and Badur first met at Ryerson University in 1992 she was studying Nutrition and he was studying Engineering. Seeing as they traveled in different circles, it was a surprise when they both switched to Fashion a year later! They continued to talk casually throughout their education but lost contact shortly after graduating. They never would have guessed that 25 years later their paths would cross again, and that they had followed similar entrepreneurial paths during that time. Both worked on internet marketing startups and eventually moved on to the world of natural beauty and skincare.

Badur created PunkMedics.com a niche skincare brand for the tattoo and piercing community and Susanna got a certificate in Aromatherapy and Skin Care Design and started NaturalSkincareJunkie.com a DIY skincare site to help people understand the benefits of natural skincare and educate them on how to make safe and effective natural products.

Where It All Began …

Their mutual appreciation and passion for skincare brought them together to create Flynn & Sage – the first small batch beauty box using the highest of quality non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

Susanna dreamed of a way to give women affordable products made with the type of high-end ingredients she recommended to DIY’ers, but who often gave up on trying to make things themselves. Through experience Badur knew that there was a way to shake up the beauty industry to give people luxurious, pure products that were both safe to use and affordable. They both agreed that shopping for beauty products should be easier and more fun than walking into a drug store.

As a result, Flynn & Sage was born. Our focus on luxurious, organic, and cruelty-free skin care products is always top of mind.  We create everything in small batches to keep them fresh, believe in the power of natural ingredients, and pH balanced products that are great for any skin type, even sensitive. They are also really excited about the subscription service that keeps costs down and then passing that savings to their customers.

The Flynn & Sage headquarters is in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – with ingredients sourced from suppliers close to the Ontario Greenbelt. Susanna and Badur spend most of their time working in the production facility as well as their home offices. But being self-proclaimed foodies they can often spotted working at the many amazing restaurants and cafe’s in the city too.